Kefi Tech offering exclusive for product startups.
Accelerate your product released with higher quality, lesser time and fraction of cost: DevOps adoption and Regression automation for faster product releases.


Functional testing


Faster time to market by speeding up product release cycles through regression automation and Devops adoption.

Functional testing


Ensure higher quality and success for your product in market place through strong and structured software test automation.

Functional testing


Performance testing of your product helps to ensure client success.

Functional testing


We train your team to maintain the automation once its developed and avoiding any recurring cost.

Ensuring faster, high quality and cost effective product release cycle is key for success of any Startup organisation in product business. Kefi Tech introduces StartUpQA solution packages which fits your need to achieve exactly this. We bring in highly experienced DevOps and Software testing consultants, supported by strong process and tools. We have combined our expertise and created packages, where we implement and hand over same to your team.

Regression Automation

Your product constantly changes based on end-user feedback as well as product enhancements. These changes are something that is essential for your product to succeed in marketplace. Every change to the code is like a waterdrop and some changes are like many waterdrops, and it is of utmost importance to ensure that it does not overflow or cause waves that could affect the important or critical aspects of your product. To ensure all is well, with each iteration of your product, our Automation experts perform deep level analysis of your application considering what has been built, what is being built and what may be built in future and creates a robust, future proof automation solution from scratch thereby giving you the confidence to roll out each release, hassle free.

DevOps Implementation and Automation

DevOps methodology gives you agility and flexibility if introduced early. It gives your company sustainable power and edge over your competitors in market. DevOps benefits not only your development and operation teams but also your entire business. Automating DevOps provides consistency across repetitive tasks, accelerate processes and scale environments thereby increasing the speed of code integration to application deployment.

Outsourcing of Testing

Your team develops a product, and your team is highly skilled and confident. Having said that, we all know even the brightest of minds makes errors. Some errors cause bugs in the system that can be easily fixed but some may not be easily fixable. It is a fact that any bug, if identified, at its initial stage, is much more easier to be managed than if found at any other stages. This is where our expertise you will find to be highly valuable. Our QA team is determined and motivated to find as many bugs as possible and as early as possible thereby making your product as error free as possible before it reaches the market.

Performance Testing

The way your product is used by end-users is something you have already thought of. Something that is not easily possible is to generate statistical reports on the actual or simulated use of your application by a large number of users and how it behaves under a particular workload. Our Performance testing experts does just that for you. We provide you all that you need to know about how your application performs in terms of responsiveness, reliability and its robustness with the help of simple yet comprehensive reports. We execute both UI and API load tests to ensure all runs smooth from an end-user perspective.

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