System integration in Agile environment

Nowadays, innovative and promising companies are mostly following the Agile continuous integration process. As we all know Agile methodology employs automated compilation, version control and quick issue resolution to ensure the stable release. By implementing the process, we have the advantage of improving the Software Quality with fewer defects. More controlled and manageable development process benefits delivering quality products. We provide frequent releases which attains customer’s confidence on the products.

  • Agile method proposes incremental and iterative approach to software design.

  • Development process is iterative, and the project is executed in short (2-4) weeks iterations.

  • Testers and developers work together.

  • Every iteration has its own testing phase which allows implementing regression testing every time new functions or logic are released.

  • Error can be fixed in the middle of the project.

  • After every iteration customer gets usable features of the product.

  • At the end of every sprint, user acceptance is performed.

Our process includes

  • Scum of scrum process benefits identifying different project aspects.

  • Daily brief Scrum meetings to stay on track.

  • More often client interaction through Skype calls and sharing the daily progress through daily status mail.

  • The Change requests are analysed for its impact on the project objectives and scope, these modifications are updated in the existing plans and properly recorded in the complete audit trail. All the details are shared to client for approval.

  • Test plans, Test Scenarios, Test Cases, Automation candidate, Automation scripts, Installation manuals, and User manuals etc are shared to the client for the review.

  • All the deliverables are stored in the Team Foundation source control. Team members and client can access the items and changes can be traced easily.

  • Automation continuous integration with Jenkins.

  • Between each sprint, Automation Demo is given, and Future scope is also furnished.

Anish Nair

Development Manager - QA/Test Automation


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