Katalon based AI Test Automation

Our Automation Team chose and is currently using Katalon Studio to automate one of our Clients web application. The web application being AngularJS, previously used Protractor for automated tests and since Protractor has reached its end of life, the team started looking into various codeless automation tools to replace Protractor. After meaningful research, considering the future features, capabilities and integrations of the web application, we decided to go with Katalon Studio. The use has since freed up lot of time for our Test Engineers to concentrate on complex test scenarios, increasing the test coverage significantly as Katalon Studio brings simple, intuitive interface as well as easier test management and maintenance.

Kefi Tech's mobility team have expertise in mobile app development in Appcelerator Titanium Framework. Titanium SDK is an open-source framework that allows the creation of native mobile apps... lnkd.in/fYgYF97

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